Across five aprils by irene hunt

Later that summer, the man who attacked Jethro is wounded while he tried to rob a shop and he ceased to cause troubles after the incident.

For three weeks, neighbors come to stand watch for the Creightons, but when nothing happens, they begin to think that they have worried uselessly. That winter, there is talk of the end of war, but the end does not come so readily.

In Februarythe war continues to become more violent and the family worries about Eb and Tom. To make matters worse, Matt has a heart attack, and Jethro must learn to do the farm work and the chores around the house.

She received her A. A few weeks later, Jethro receives a response telling him that the deserters will not face any punishment if they decide to join again the army.

Ellen is worried that a war will break out and she anxiously awaits her husband to come back home bearing news. At the end of the month, a letter from Tom arrives home and there he describes the harsh conditions on the battlefront and how many soldiers have died because they froze to death.

The town is in a celebratory mood until there is news that the President has been assassinated. Jenny goes to Washington to see Shad, and soon, he recovers to marry her.

In Gettysburg, however, the Union army wins a victory. There is tension within the family as well as in the community because of the prospect of a war breaking out.

Troubled and unsure about what to do for his deserter cousin, Jethro finally decides to write a letter to President Lincoln to ask for help. The family is terrified when one night, a group of ruffians come to warn them of havoc they will wreak.

The war ends in April and the sons they had on the battlefield returned home.

Across Five Aprils

When Shadrach comes home, he tells them that there has been firing not too far from where they live and even if the war was not official declared, it had already begun. Hunt also integrates national history into personal history. The Creighton family was documented in those stories and in letters and records.

Shad, the local schoolteacher who is in love with Jenny, goes to Newtown to get the latest news from the papers and returns to inform the family that the Confederate army has fired on Fort Sumter. Hunt retired in and now lives in St.

Jethro lies on Walnut Hill, depressed, but Shad and Jenny return home from Washington, promising to take him with them to the East where he will get a good education.

When the news about the battle of Shiloh reaches the Craightons, they find that Tom died during the battle. Awards and nominations[ edit ] - the Charles W.

The Creighton family was documented in those stories and in letters and records. The men who deserted were still armed and they soon started to cause troubles.

One day, Matt sends Jethro on an errand to Newtown which is fifteen miles away. Follett Award inand was runner-up for the Newbery Medal for Background[ edit ] Hunt published her first book, Across Five Aprils, at age In earlythree men from the Federal Registrars come to the Creighton home, looking for Eb who has deserted the army.

The summer goes by and news about battles taking place reaches the family. Shadrach leaves for the service as well so Ellen visits him. One night, however, the Creighton barn is set afire and the well is contaminated.Across Five Aprils is an all time classic novel that is full of aspiring characters that come close to heart.

It is a beautifully written book filled with hate, love, and tears. Jethro Creighton is a brave boy who comes of age during the hardship of the Civil War/5().

Topics covered include: Grammar, Vocabulary, Analogies, Word Study, Book Studies, Low Prices, Year-Round · Free Shipping Over $50 · Serving You Since /10 (77K reviews). I did not read Across Five Aprils by choice and did not expect to like a story about a boy named Jethro and his family.

Suprisingly I was pulled into the story right away. I found the characters feelings very real.5/5(5). Across Five Aprils has 10, ratings and reviews.

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Jason said: Do they make kid's books like this sort anymore? Real and real painful. Across Five Ap /5. Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt is a bittersweet book that reminds you that war is never tied up with a tidy bow. People die or are injured or can’t come home for various reasons.

Across Five Aprils Notes

The story is told very well with the focus on how the war affected those left at home. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves historical fiction or the Civil War/5(). Across Five Aprils is a novel by Irene Hunt, published in and winner of the Newbery Honor, set in the Civil War era.

Hunt was close to her grandfather who told her stories from his youth, which she incorporated into Across Five Aprils.

Across five aprils by irene hunt
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