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An air conditioning for automobile includes two pairs storage cells of hydrogen. The exhaust manifold are design according to the given chassis, limit space is available for the exhaust manifolds.

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The dramatic effect of this on architectural design cannot be overstated. Carrier, father of the modern air conditioner.

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A smoother flow of the exhaust gas is provided by two in one manifold as compared to the simple design of the exhaust manifold. An exhaust manifold for the engine includes the exhaust conduit.

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It reduce the efficiency of engine. If it is possible to run the compressor by impeller at certain rpm developed by impeller and if no then impeller is used to operate alternator, which further generate electricity which further drives the motor to run the AC compressor. Therefore, automobile become costlier, an uneconomical and less efficient and also decreases the life of the engine and maximize the fuel consumption.

A "Cool" Discovery Imagine a student, sitting in class. These refrigerants were discontinued to use, and all cars after use a non-CFC fluid called RA which is eco-friendly. The apparatus includes a fan assembly and a generator that located inside the outer housing mounted on a base.

AC system we are using nowadays in vehicle is reliant on the energy of engine. The shaft is connected to the transmission and then to wheels, it also connected to some belts that turns your alternator, water pump, and air conditioning compressor, or may be other components. This liquid runs through a valve known as an expansion valvewhich turns the liquid into cold gas.

So only the way to improve the AC system without compromising the mileage of vehicle is to operate AC compressor by using wasted energy, i. An Exhaust gas which is discharge through the exhaust pipe.

The chord increment from root to tip with a 1. It also continuously circulates the refrigerant through the refrigerating system. Exhaust gas passes through the filter trap. These will increase the efficiency of the vehicle by utilizing the exhaust gas energy which is wasted by the engine, by separating supportive component from the engine which consume certain amount of energy, and all of that components will run by the exhaust energy which responsible for reduction load from the engine, the level of fuel consumption is also reduce by the vehicle.

A system and method for the Waste heat recovery in exhaust gas recirculation is disclosed. The main function of it is to increase the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant vapours.

The quantity of fuel injected into the cylinder in form of fine spray and ignites when come in contact with the hot air. The diesel engine also known as compression ignition engines, only air is supplied to the engine cylinder during suction stroke and it is compressed at high temperature from degree to degree Celsius.

A compressor compresses the cool gas into hot gas, which passes through the coils and cools into a liquid. For us AC compressor is the main component to run by exhaust gas. At same time mixture in the cylinder compressed, ignited when the piston is just at T.

The cooling load of automobile is considered at steady state.

The exhaust gas passes from the manifold to the impeller.Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first air conditioner in This was designed to boost the working process control in a printing plant.

Carrier’s invention controlled temperature and humidity. The low heat and humidity helped keep the paper dimensions and ink alignment the same. Later his. Air Conditioners Essays: OverAir Conditioners Essays, Air Conditioners Term Papers, Air Conditioners Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Air Conditioning Systems An air conditioning, or HVAC&R, system is composed of components and equipment arranged in sequence to condition the air, to transport it to the conditioned space, and to control the indoor environmental parameters of a specific space within required limits.

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View this student essay about Air conditioning. 5 I’mskepticalthatAmericanbusinessesandconsumerswillreducetheiruseof air-conditioningwithoutnewrulesandregulations,especiallynowthatnaturalgas.

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