An argument in favor of raising the minimum age for driving license

Even though banning males would lower accidents, it would be sexist and even though women are normally the target of sexist remarks, there would still be strong resistance. The pros and cons of raising the driving age to 18 are often based on accident statistics and facts about inexperience.

This debate is mostly based on reason. Teens are doing more than just preparing themselves for their future. Few countries think 16 and 17 years are grown up enough to vote, drink alcohol or smoke. The Cons of Raising the Driving Age 1. Young drivers cause the most crashes because of inexperience not lack of maturity.

Raising the driving age will NOT lower the amount of driving accidents in teens because being two years older does not give them an extra two years of experience in driving if they are just sitting and waiting around.

It stops unhealthy multitasking habits. A human lives cannot be measured in the amount of convenience it has cost. The alternatives to making a test harder is still not a good way to keep the young teenagers from driving reckless. To have the driving age raised above that would be patronising to young people and probably generate a backlash in the form of less environmentally friendly attitudes.

Why Shouldn't the Driving Age Be Raised?

When year-olds graduate from school, they fool themselves into thinking that they know everything. Once youth have completed school, would you want them moving into the real world without a license? I mean, that is the role of a parent in general right?

The Pros of Raising the Driving Age 1. Being 16 and having an early, fast start to getting your license rather than finally getting it after a long slow process makes a huge difference to your life. In this case, they are less inclined to acknowledge instructions about driving, making them dangerous drivers.

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Now being 19, i know many roads, i know the speed limit i know how sharp turns are, i know where pot holes are It is not the maturiety that matters it is the responsibility of getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehical.

If the only way to gain experience is to get behind the wheel to drive, then these additional key points must be considered to determine if this is a good idea to pursue.

Without the teen knowing how to drive until college, they will not be able to get around to jobs, groceries, or be independent.If we raise the age to 18, then as 18 year olds, they will get into accidents as new drivers just as much as 16 year old teens.

Raising the driving age to 18 does NOT. The legal age to receive a commercial drivers license is 18 years old, but most don’t obtain their commercial drivers license until after the age of The most dangerous truck drivers on the road are those with under 2 years of experience, regardless of age.

Arguments Against Raising the Driving Age. Though the camp for raising the minimum driving age makes strong points, there are additional arguments in favor of keeping things the same.

It Limits Transportation Options for Teens Teens these days are involved in more activities than ever. The Minimum Driving Age Should Be Raised to 18 Please cast your vote after you've read the arguments.

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Full Answer. Economics Help notes the numerous practical disadvantages of raising the minimum driving age, as well as the fact that some states are seeking to raise the minimum age .

An argument in favor of raising the minimum age for driving license
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