Animals have feelings just like humans essay

He was in pain from that, because he bled a lot when he peed. If you would than there is something seriously wrong with you. Thus, a social life-style may play a role in the process of basic emotions developing into more complex emotions. This is the first opinion: Professor Marian Dawkins suggested that emotions could be studied on a functional or a mechanistic basis.

To treat these disorders, scientists have developed a range of psychoactive drugs such as anxiolytics. Third, The Principle of the Direct Action of the Excited Nervous System on the Body suggests that emotional expression occurs when nervous energy has passed a threshold and needs to be released.

You know, you can teach a dog to sit, and do other tricks, and can maybe even train your cat to do so as well. As a consequence, laboratory mice sometimes develop abnormal behaviours indicative of emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety.

However, Hof and Van Der Gucht clarify that they do not know the nature of such feelings in these animals and that we cannot just apply what we see in great apes or ourselves to whales.

Emotion in animals

Just recently he got over a bladder problem. For example, Darwin remarks that humans often present their canine teeth when sneering in rage, and he suggests that this means that a human ancestor probably utilized their teeth in aggressive action. Sponsor This Essay Have you ever thought that an animal can get their feelings hurt just like humans?

Humans must employ animals to satisfy their various needs, including uses for food and research. Dogs will whine and cry even if they are not injured because they are lonely. Everyone has different thoughts and opinions on animals being like humans with feelings and sufferings with pain.

They can solve problems, feel emotion and pain, and can learn from mistakes. The problem stopped, but we can tell he is still in a lot of pain. Six emotions have been classified as basic: So all of those who read this, did you change your mind yet that you should treat animals with respect like humans?

To test this in animals, an individual is trained to anticipate that stimulus A, e. Firstly, they think that humans are the most important beings on the planet, and everything must be done to ensure human survival.

Animals are People to.

Another example, but different animal, is that Magpies can recognize themselves in mirrors, or at least some. The cautious wording of Dixon exemplifies this viewpoint: Mice in standard cages, standard cages but with unpredictable husbandry, or enriched cages, were given a choice of drinking either non-drugged water or a solution of the Midazolam.

Furthermore, it is believed by some that animals do not feel pain or loss as humans do, so if we have to kill animals for food or other uses, then this is morally acceptable.

Animals have feelings, too.

It may bump into it a few times but they slowly work out that the way there holding the stick is too big and will find a different way to get it in. I have owned almost 20 cats and dogs. An emotion is positive when that goal is advanced and negative when it is impeded ii action readiness where the emotion gives priority to one or a few kinds of action and may give urgency to one so that it can interrupt or compete with others and iii physiological changes, facial expression and then behavioural action.

And if you were thinking who I am Write at least words.

Animals Have Feelings and Are Humans Too

The same individual is trained to anticipate that stimulus B, e. They learn, though, that if they go outside they get praised and loved on.Essay Topic: What feelings do you think animals have?

Samad Siddiqui, 4 th Grade I think animals, just like people, have feelings of love, happiness, sadness, and even anger. Animals have feelings just like us humans and yes they are capable of feeling pain just like we do.

Animals should have the right to be protected from humans that want to cause them any extreme cruelty and hardship. Similarly, when presented with five scents (self, familiar human, strange human, familiar dog, strange dog), dogs' brains registered the strongest delight in response to the familiar human.

It appears the notion that the dog is "man's best friend" cuts both ways. Should animals be treated like humans? 75% Say Yes 25% Say No They feel pain. Animals have feelings, they feel pain.

Animals are just like us. They as animals have feelings like can feel the excruciating pain of the sharp knife cutting through their flesh and they can feel sad watching their own family being killed infront. Emotions are a biochemical makeup of signals within the body to produce responses to certain stimuli.

This can be applied to animals as well as humans because humans are actually nothing more than an evolved animal. Our biochemical makeup hasn't changed too much in the span of generations that humans have walked the earth.

Animals have emotions, and they are very clear, too. My oldest dog died in Feb. and one of my other dogs scratched at him, and cried, like he wanted him to wake up, which made it even harder. my teacher says that dogs have no more feelings than happy, sad, and hurt.

I will be one of those who will argue with him, just as he knew people would.

Animals have feelings just like humans essay
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