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Putting money into tax-friendly Isas when I was young. They seem quite happy to repeat the same lack of news every few minutes. I regularly talk about what is going on in the markets and have to interview company bosses, and in theory, that could influence share prices.

I normally host or attend three charity events a month. At university I held down four part-time jobs at once. We did not have loads of money when I was growing up.

I rushed into it. There have also been some improvements in the presenting line-up, giving it more consistency.

'I wish I'd never bought a house': BBC Breakfast's Steph McGovern in Me & my money

About a fiver a week, but I had to earn it. I always wanted a sports car. I would wash cars and sell stuff at jumble sales. Steph often pays the entire bill when she goes to a nice restaurant with friends in Newcastle What is your one little luxury that you like to treat yourself to?

One of our favourite places to go is Sohe, a Thai fusion restaurant in Newcastle. Since becoming a BBC breakfast presenter I have been paid four-figure sums for doing hour-long speeches for associations and at awards dinners.

That you cannot spend it if you do not have it. We do not have enough young people who want to do apprenticeships. Have you ever been paid silly money per hour for a job? Not because of my BBC salary — that has not changed for several years — but because of all the extra shows I have been doing and the speeches.

I learned from a young age that you have to work to earn money and I was not afraid to do that. It is important to me to be self-sufficient and not dependent on anyone. For too long we have pushed everyone to go to university, but doing an apprenticeship should be seen as just as good as going to university.

I did not need to buy and, in hindsight, I wish I had not. Yes, but not just money. Mostly BBC Breakfast seems to serve as advertising for other BBC programmes, with many interviews and features focusing on these, giving a biased version of how good these shows are.

I should not have listened to everyone who kept saying to me: Do you think it is important to give to charity? Interviews with politicians have to be left to Dermot Murnaghan, who if not actually grilling the MPs like Paxman still manages to show how they will avoid giving a straight answer if they possibly can.

BBC News: ‘He’s alright’ Naga Munchetty leaves Dan Walker cringing with awkward snub

I did not have a massive amount of outgoings because I was still living at home, so I saved into cash Isas. Completely pointless, much like the flood coverage which mainly featured various presenters standing around in a puddle every day for weeks while revealing little of interest about the situation.

My mum, Anne, is a hospital radiographer and my father, Eamonn, is a retired teacher, but we did not struggle because my mum was so good with money. When a car was discovered with a bomb inside this was literally the only information that they seemed to have available, along with about 20 seconds of footage that showed a policeman at the scene getting into his car and taking his hat off.

Have you ever struggled to make ends meet? Was this review helpful to you?List of BBC newsreaders and reporters: Wikis Advertisements Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern turned an awkward story into an inspiring one when she gave a wonderfully BBC Breakfast reporter Steph McGovern responds to pregnancy rumours "i am with pie" not that it is anyones business.

You don't hear so much of this with male presenters that may like pie, we should all be able to like pie. Past & present client list of Breakfast TV Presenters, Reporters & Hosts coached by leading TV & Media Trainer, Glenn Kinsey.

London, UK-based with clients worldwide.

The Breakfast team

Jan 27,  · Lead producer to the business editor Robert Peston, economics correspondent Hugh Pym and technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones.

Package making and field producing throughout the UK and abroad. Previous live television experience includes BBC Breakfast, BBC 2’s Working Lunch, BBC News & BBC World /5(). May 30,  · Watch video · BBC Breakfast: Reporter 'walks off' after revealing on-air blunder BBC BREAKFAST viewers were left watching co-presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty giggling on the sofa whilst a sulking Ben Thompson walked out of the studio, following a coffee cup blunder during his business news mi-centre.coms: 9.

Award winning broadcaster, Steph McGovern has been working in financial journalism for over 13 years and has been part of the BBC Breakfast family for the last five. Steph travels all over the UK to cover economic and business news for the BBC and since joining Breakfast has broadcast live from over businesses.

Bbc breakfast business reporter stephen
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