Binge drinking among college students and consequences essay

Addictive Behaviors, 36 5 The theory of planned behavior and binge drinking: Garrido Binge Drinking Among College Students With extreme rates of binge drinking among young adults, college students continue to be a primary focus for a range of alcohol prevention efforts.

Talking with a health care provider about their drinking behavior and requesting counseling if they drink too much can be recommended. The state can also reduce alcohol marketing to the youth. Since this has become such a problem on college campuses, many universities have implemented a variety of programs as a means to reduce heavy drinking to try and reduce the misperceptions of college drinking of students.

This can become a problem because it might have negative impacts on concentration and can cause problems when driving, playing sports involving complex moves, using a map or remembering how to get somewhere. Drug and Alcohol Review, doi: Lastly, they can support community efforts to reduce binge drinking by passing out flyers explaining the dangers and results of drinking.

Along with, the Health belief Model is used as a framework to explore parent-child communication patterns among first-year college students as a mean of reducing heavy drinking Cremeens, 4. References Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Using the Transtheoretical Model, heavy drinkers might be asked if they are planning to reduce their drinking to a smaller amount within the next six months.

Constructs that make up the Transtheoretical Model are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination. Parents try to talk to their children and let them know what they might expect in college and be aware of the dangers behind it.

In reality, the emotional regret of an unplanned sexual encounter or failing grades outweighs any temporary negative feelings.

As a model of health behavior, the Transtheoretical Model potentially offers a mechanism to identify and describe processes that are purported to motivate, prepare and assist individuals in realizing behavior change.

There are some recommendations that can be done to try and lower the number the number of young adults that perform this behavior. Many binge drinkers realize that there is little immediate outside influence to push them away from the alcohol and they abuse their independence Norman, Lastly, models and theories discuss that excessive drinking for a long period of time, causes higher levels of temptation to drink and lower levels of confidence to stop drinking.

It has also examined the extent to which the TTM stage paradigm offers an apt description of individuals with substance use problems, and their readiness to change their substance use problems, and their readiness to change their substance user behavior Migneault, Adams, Read, They can also provide states and communities with information and tools to put into practice prevention strategies that work.

This will usually help students realize that driving while under the influence is not a fun thing to do. Lastly, people can participate in community efforts to prevent underage and binge drinking CDC, British Journal of Health Psychology, 11doi:Binge Drinking Essay Examples.

The Concerns over Rising Cases of Binge Drinking and the Consequences Associate with the Vice. words. The Issue of Binge Drinking Among American College Students. 1, words. 2 pages.

An Introduction to the Significant Role of Alcohol in Society Today. Binge drinking results from a student's submission to peer pressure, the lack of outside control over the student, and the denial that drinking leads to severe consequences.

Binge Drinking Among College Students

Binge drinking is defined as five or more drinks in a row for men and four or more drinks in a row for women during a two week. Essay about Alcohol Abuse Among College Students and Possible Solutions - Alcohol Abuse Among College Students and Possible Solutions Binge or excessive drinking is the most serious problem affecting social life, health, and education on college.

Cause & Effect of Binge Drinking Essay; Cause & Effect of Binge Drinking Essay. They are all frequent results of binge drinking by college students. On a typical Friday or Saturday night you can find the average college student out drinking and having fun.

Drinking modest amounts of alcohol may have some consequences, but binge drinking. The high levels of binge drinking among young people and the adverse consequences which includes increased risk of alcoholism as an adult and liver disease make binge drinking a major public health issue.

Being associated with certain groups, especially in the college setting influences young adults and their. December 05, Binge Drinking Among College Students and Consequences Audience-(Student Fraternity and College Administrators) Binge drinking is a problem that has continued to have a toll on the lives of college students despite efforts by the government and school administrators to curb the trend.

Binge drinking among college students and consequences essay
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