Community colleges as better options for students in the short essay two years are better than four

Married students, students with children, or even students who work full time may not have the time or the finances to complete a 4 year program. Some people pay thousands of dollars to attend a university, and after a year they were no closer to a degree than a community college student.

Community colleges are known for giving nontraditional students many convenient ways to obtain a career.

Community College

With untold numbers of graduates entering the workforce each year with tens of thousands in college debt, incoming students are more concerned about choosing majors that are likeliest to pay off in terms of financial security.

Order now Deciding on whether to attend a community college or a university can be a very tough decision. Through some people experiences and research, there are many benefits to attending a community college before university. She reminds us that no matter what path we take after high school, community college is always an option, and for some students, an option greatly appreciated.

Community colleges are much more affordable. National Center for Policy Analysis. These Associate of Arts degrees are extremely helpful when it comes to transferring or pursuing a higher education later on.

They are just further in debt. There are a number of different degrees available from four year universities; the options are far fewer at a community college.

Fewer classes to choose from, as most community colleges are limited to degree programs that can be completed in just two years The lack of a campus community, although some community colleges are adding on-campus living that allows students to experience college life to the fullest Lack of involvement in other activities, since many students at community colleges have families or are working full time at the same time they are attending school Is Community College Right for You?

Addison also, in my opinion, has a somewhat biased writing style, and she attempts to make clear to the reader her thoughts on the issue.

High pay for two year degrees As concerns mount among students and parents about the continued viability of college degrees, states are beginning to examine the salaries of graduates over select spans of time within the workforce. Such differences can be seen in terms of finances, degree and environment.

Most encouragingly, the ROI for two and four-year degrees has been relatively equal for the past few decades. What some people do not realize is that students across America do not get in, or are not ready for a 4-year commitment to a university.

There are many differences between going to a university right after finishing high school and going to a community college for the first two years. Return on investment for college degrees Still, many would argue that both degree types are valuable investments over the long run, especially when compared to the prospects of people who choose not to deal with the tremendous stress of getting a college degree.

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When weighing the pros and cons, it is really up to each individual student as to whether community college is a better option. I was raised to do well in school in order to get into a 4-year university when I graduated. Changing Times or One-Time Blip?

She also addresses the fact that some students would never be able to possess a college experience without a form of community college. The Pros of Community College With a sluggish economy and a high unemployment rate, more students are tuning into the many benefits of community college.

They have smaller classes, and they are much more convenient than universities. At the same time, enrollment numbers for many community colleges across the country continue to rise.

Comparative Essay on Two-Year vs. Four-Year Colleges

I personally believe Liz Addison does an extraordinary job advocating for community colleges and showing to the readers how important and critical it is to have them in society. However, as prices for universities continue to rise and community colleges expand their fields of study and improve their quality, the field of higher education appears to be changing.

Nonetheless, reports on starting salaries are impacting the choices that students make regarding postsecondary education.

Her article made me rethink my thoughts and to ultimately grasp onto a different opinion. Addison explains how community colleges are useful to society and allow every student the opportunity to begin. The answers to some of these questions are less obvious than one would imagine, because some degree programs are more lucrative in the short term, while others lead to careers with greater overall earning potential in the long run.

As Congress makes budget cuts left and right, the following questions linger in the minds of many Americans: Students may decide to take only a couple of semesters to get a certificate in a certain field such as nursing, welding, or surgical technology.

If a temporary lull in opportunity is inevitable for a majority of graduates, how long is this lean period supposed to last? Peters, Mark, and Douglas Belkin. Two and four-year degree types: The right community college can jumpstart your higher education efforts or your career prospects, with a fraction of the time and money required to earn your degree.

Some schools are addressing the dilemma by developing programs that place an equal emphasis on technical skills and problem-solving proficiency.

That number exceeds the annual percentage of returns on stocks and bonds "Benefits of College".Two years of free community college will provide hardworking young Americans an affordable, quality education and safeguard our nation's global competitiveness, write Jill Biden and Eric Garcetti.

Free community college benefits students and the nation (essay). This is a sample essay containing information about the difference between four year colleges and two year colleges and discusses the difference. Comparative Essay on Two-Year vs. Four-Year Colleges - Blog | Ultius5/5(2).

Sep 26,  · Two Years Are Better Than Four. September 26, am September 26 I read an article in the New York Times describing a ‘college application essay’ workshop for low-income students.

I was strangely disturbed that those interviewed made no mention of community college. The community colleges of America cover. Essay about Comparison of Universities and Community Colleges Words 3 Pages Comparison of Universities and Community Colleges When you graduate high school you have your choice of what kind of an education you want to get.

Community College vs University Essay

The Difference Community Colleges Make. My college career began with remedial courses at a community college and ended four years later with a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.

This makes people flinch. But we all have an unexpected flame inside of ourselves waiting to be lit. Community colleges accept more than just everyone. Why More Students are Choosing Community Colleges over Traditional Four-Year Schools.

Updated. July 07, as most community colleges are limited to degree programs that can be completed in just two years; The lack of a campus community, Why More Students are Choosing Community Colleges over Traditional Four-Year Schools.

Community colleges as better options for students in the short essay two years are better than four
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