Comparing brave new world and fahrenheit 451

Montag and his wife continue to live together though people in that situation today would not hesitate to terminate such a relationship. Instead of rushing to put out fires, as firemen today do, Montag rushes to start fires, burning the books and homes of people reported to have books.

Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451

John loved his mother, but he, a hybrid of the two cultures, was stuck in the middle. Montag has managed to escape Captain Beatty and the hound and even the destruction of the city and begins his life with the likeminded "Book People.

Though his mother talked of the promiscuity that she had practiced before she was left on the reservation she was accidentally left there while on vacation, much as Marx was and did still practice it, John was raised, thanks to the people around him, with the belief that these actions were wrong.

What are some points of comparison between Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World?

Harper and Row, Novels Top Novelguides. His marriage is not the happy kind that couples today experience but more like a coexistence. In "Fahrenheit " Guy Montag, the main character, is able to see through the government and the official policies of his society.

But like Marx, Montag chooses not to take part in this addiction. By visiting a reservationhome of an "uncivilized" culture of savages, he is able to see first hand something of what life and society use to be like.

The Controllers manage everything from reproduction to clothing, and those who dare to think for themselves are hunted down much like Clarisse and Montag are in Fahrenheit. He is forced out on his own, away from society, to live with others like himself who think differently than the society does.

He is able to see more clearly the things that had always set him on edge: While the endings of both novels mirror the conclusions of other dystopian works, they are quite different from one another.

He and his wife live together and he supports her, though he apparently neither loves her a great deal or expects her to love him. In addition, the refusal of various methods of escape from reality is shown to be a path to discovery. The novels also feature societies under totalitarian control.

Dutton, May, Keith M. And though their discoveries meant that their lives would be changed forever, the authors succeeded in showing that the key to humanity lies in thinking and questioning.

These men found themselves through their own discoveries, much as Bradbury and Huxley hope others will do. But one theme that both Brave New World and Fahrenheit use in common is the theme of individual discovery by refusing to accept a passive approach to life, and refusing to conform.

He also wonders as to the lack of books, banned because they were old and did not encourage the new culture. Allen John, often referred to as "the Savage" because he was able to leave the reservation with Marx to go to London to live with him, also has a hard time adjusting to the drastic changes.

Huxley asks his readers to look at the role of science and literature in the future world, scared that it may be rendered useless and discarded. Before Part 1 ends, Montag has become the rebel and seeks his independence Even though the wars last only a day or less, they serve as an element of control for the ruling group and as another technological display.

But on different occasions Montag took a book out of burning homes and would from time to time read them. Aldous Huxley also uses the concept of society out of control in his science fiction novel "Brave New World".

In "Brave New World", the main characters of Bernard Marx and the "Savage" boy John both come to realize the faults with their own cultures. The conforming members of society used widely a drug called soma, which induces hallucinations and escapes from the conscious world for two to eight hour periods.

What are some comparisons between Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451?

He does so by gradually beginning to question certain aspect of society which most simply accept as fact. Below are some similarities and differences. As a result with this contrast with the other culture, Marx discovers more about himself as well.

The son of two members of the modern society but born and raised on the reservation, John learned from his mother the values and the customs of the "civilized" world while living in a culture that had much different values and practices. Both authors try to show that with life made easier by strong government control and a lack of personal involvement people will no longer spend their time thinking, questioning or developing their own ideas.

Paul Elek Books Ltd. Marx, from the civilized culture, seriously questions the lack of history that his society has. One such author, Ray Bradbury, utilized this concept in his work, "Fahrenheit ", a futuristic look at a man and his role in society. By doing so, Huxley makes his own views of man and society evident.

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Brave New World and Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Fahrenheit is a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury The novel presents a future American society where the public is basically brainwashed by the government to believe that there world is perfect and nothing is. Get an answer for 'What are some points of comparison between Fahrenheit and Brave New World?' and find homework help for other Fahrenheit questions at eNotes.

Get an answer for 'What are some comparisons between Brave New World and Fahrenheit ?' and find homework help for other Brave New World questions at eNotes. Comparing Fahrenheit and Brave New World Ray Bradbury's book, Fahrenheitis a futuristic look at a man and his role in society.

Bradbury utilizes the luxuries of life in America today, in addition to various occupations and technological advances, to show what life could be like if the future takes a drastic turn for the worse.

Comparing brave new world and fahrenheit 451
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