Cruise tourism in the caribbean

This benefit then passes down to the local population. When people travel here, they hopefully become educated about their destination.

The Caribbean Islands Most Dependent on Cruise Business

The Best Time and Weather to Travel to the Caribbean Mindful travelers may be wary when it comes to traveling in the Caribbean; the negative environmental impact of tourism in the region is well documented. Jamaica alone hires thousands of people who work either directly or indirectly in the tourism industry, which is the second largest employer in the country.

For instance, in Cuba, sex tourism creates difficult social problems, while water activities and the construction of fancy resorts are hurting wildlife and polluting the water.

What Are the Benefits of Tourism in the Caribbean?

When they return back to the United States, they are then able to raise awareness about issues in the Caribbean, which is crucial for any developing countries. When Tourism Hurts the Caribbean Although tourism certainly seems to have more advantages in the Caribbean than disadvantages, there are ways in which it can hurt the locals.

State Department website can provide information on travel advisories and restrictions if applicable for the countries or islands you plan on traveling to.

Caribbean Tourism: Best of Caribbean

Issues that are important in this region of the world, even if they are purely environmental, can be brought to light because of tourism.

Unfortunately there has been a recent major decline in agricultural activity, especially in crops like bananas, sugar, and vanilla. Everything from infrastructure to health services which accommodates health tourism travelers needs to improve in order to cater to the tourists who come for these reasons.

From resorts and hotels to restaurants, clubs, bars, diving schools and other adventure activities, Caribbean countries thrive on the jobs tourists create. Increasing jobs also increases tax revenue, which can go into services and facilities for the local people.

That being said, travelers should check travel advisories for certain countries before traveling there. But devotees of sustainable tourism should know that the positive benefits of tourism in the Caribbean may far outweigh the negative.

It Helps Raise Awareness The problems and struggles of people living in the Caribbean are often hidden behind the luxurious resorts.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether or not to book your next trip to the islands. Caribbean nations have been able to overcome this deficit thanks to the money they bring in from tourism - the islands have the perfect combination of warm weather and beautiful landscapes to make them a leading travel destination.

Before traveling to the Caribbean, tourists should do their best to educate themselves on local issues and see what they can do to help. So while it may seem insensitive to travel to a Caribbean country after such a tragedy, it can actually be beneficial.

It Helps Rebuild Communities After a Tragedy The Caribbean, as beautiful as it is, has fallen victim to unfortunate tragedies over the years, whether it was the earthquake that hit Haiti or Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico.The 10 Best Caribbean Tours, Excursions & Activities Low Price Guarantee · Photos, Videos, & Maps · Skip the Line Tickets · Verified Reviews.

Florida-Caribbean Cruise Assn. Economic Impact of Cruise Tourism Business Research and Economic Advisors Page 3 Antigua and Barbuda At the core of the analysis of the economic contribution of cruise tourism were a set of.

Critically examine the role that Caribbean cruise tourism is playing in the economies and social sectors of the region. What are the economic and social costs/ benefits derived from this type of industry? Caribbean Tourism: TripAdvisor has 6, reviews of Caribbean Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Caribbean resource.

ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION OF CRUISE TOURISM TO THE DESTINATION ECONOMIES A Survey-based Analysis of the Impacts of Passenger, Crew and Cruise Line Spending VOLUME I Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association Economic Impact of Cruise Tourism Business Research and Economic Advisors Page 2.

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Cruise tourism in the caribbean
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