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History of Science Fellowships The Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry at Dissertation grant Chemical Heritage Foundation, an independent research library in Philadelphia, accepts applications for short- and long-term fellowships in the history of science, Dissertation grant, medicine, and industry.

Therefore, my work proposes to understand the play experiences of gamers with impairments and offer novel design solutions for mitigating the accessibility barriers they face. Efficient, Privacy-Preserving, Secure Cloud Computation and Storage Adopting cloud services to reduce operational, maintenance and storage costs, is becoming increasingly common.

The award will cover all travel and lodging expenses for grantees to participate in the conference. Prepare a narrative limited Dissertation grant 4 single-spaced pages to include the following: Applicants must be citizens, nationals, or permanent residents holders of a Permanent Resident Card of the United States.

Through a comprehensive examination of the HIS, from development to roll-out, I analyze the relationship between colonial and post colonial governmental top-down policies and compare them to the on-the-ground reality of using information and communications technology ICTs to provide health education given social, economic, and political realities in Mozambique.

Department of Labor, the U. Quantifying and Mitigating Risks of Algorithmic Decision Support Machine learning is increasingly being used for decision support in critical settings, where predictions have potentially grave implications over human lives.

Graduate students conducting dissertation research, independent scholars, and all faculty are invited to apply. Understanding the Experiences of Health Care Workers with ICTs My study examines the implementation of the health information system HIS in Mozambique and the roletechnologies play in educating health professionals for better delivery of care.

The classic rendering via rasterization of visualization primitives tends to minimize extraneous details; every drawn pixel or glyph has a tight correspondence to the data on which it is based. The AERA Grants Program provides advanced graduate students with research funding and professional development and training.

Applications accepted in November for month and short-term grants, and in May for short-term grants. As a result, touch has emerged as one of the most dominant forms of input for computing devices. Open to applicants in all fields of study.

Dissertation Grant Program

Additionally, the review criteria include the following: Array Signal Processing for Augmented Listening Augmented listening technologies, such as hearing aids, smart headphones, and audio augmented- reality platforms, promise to enhance human hearing by processing the sound we hear to reduce unwanted noise and improve understanding.

Real-time Ultra-reliable Wireless Communication My research focuses on designing wireless communication protocols for Internet-of-Things IoT applications that require low-latency and high-reliability. Of particular importance is the role that trust plays in the success of community engagements—either establishing trust, or more frequently, overcoming distrust between public officials and city residents.

Is the applicant qualified to carry out the proposed study? Drawing from this toolkit, I will offer new ways to connect disability with design, all based on the life experiences of people with disabilities. Applicant Eligibility Dissertation Grants are available for advanced doctoral students and are intended to support the student while analyzing data and writing the doctoral dissertation.

30 Dissertation Research Fellowships for Doctoral Students

Smart Algorithms via Knowledge Management of Safe Physical Human-Robotic Care The beginning of a new era Dissertation grant safe assistive robotics will occur when people with disabilities and seniors let intelligent software control a mobile robotic manipulator to safely reposition their body and limbs.

Currently, I am exploring the key physical layer requirements that are needed to implement these protocols. My thesis addresses various problems in this space of secure storage and computation outsourcing.

Each spring AERA holds its Annual Meeting which brings together over 15, researchers, scholars, and policy leaders to present their research, share knowledge, and build research capacity through over 2, substantive sessions. It is required that each fellow spend a minimum of 3 days per week in residence in the Lillian Goldman Reading Room using the archival and library resources.

Interpretable Machine Learning for Human Decision Making My research primarily focuses on exploring how machine learning can help improve real world decision making in domains such as health care and criminal justice. Applicants are encouraged to capitalize on the capacity of large-scale data sets to examine diverse populations, including racial, ethnic, social class, and gender groups.

My proposed investigations seek to understand how accessibility barriers manifest in mainstream games, to empower gamers with impairments to better navigate the landscape of game accessibility through novel information design, and to address underlying institutional concerns that perpetuate systemic accessibility issues in the game development industry through education interventions.

Most of my work is deployed in large-scale production systems with hundreds of millions of users. Underrepresented racial and ethnic minority researchers as well as women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

Moving forward, I aim to leverage this framework to build low-power privacy-preserving computational cameras with camera-level implementations of learned encoding functions.Dissertation Grantees may not accept concurrent grant or fellowship awards from another agency, foundation, institution or the like for the same dissertation project that is funded by the AERA Grants Program.

Dissertation Grant. MNRS Dissertation: Founders’ Circle Endowment Fund Grant. The Midwest Nursing Research Society Foundation is pleased to offer a Founders’ Circle Endowment Fund Grant of up to $2, each.

The purpose of the dissertation grant is to encourage dissertation research that advances nursing science and practice. Microsoft Research is funding a new academic program, the Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant, offering selected doctoral students doing Dissertation grant research at U.S.

and Canadian universities up to US $20, to fund their dissertation work. • Investigate federal funding sources. For most students, it might seem like a long shot, but your dissertation research might be a good fit to the research interests of an institute of the National Institutes of Health, which offers two grant programs for students.

Funded NSF Research and Dissertation Grants The links below contain information about the funded Research Grants and Dissertation Grants for the years View citations for published work resulting from AIR Grant Awards.

Bookmark these 20 dissertation research fellowships provide financial support to doctoral students who are in the stages of conducting research and writing their dissertation.

30 Dissertation Research Fellowships for Doctoral Students. Participants are also eligible for a competitive dissertation grant of up to $10,

Dissertation grant
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