Dubai islamic bank report

As I worked in CRO department, it enhanced my communication and negotiation skills.

Dubai Islamic Bank Announces Full Year 2017 Financial Results

The representatives of the local commercial banks meet at a fix time on all the business days of the week. Target marketing is the basic step for rest of the strategies being developed.

There is no bossiness in the higher management.

In balance sheet the most important item is earning assets. The result is that they do not understand the organizational structure and culture and become frustrated in their start.

BankIslami has been able to build a strong image by using smart marketing ideas that resonate well with the public mind.

By stopping payment, the customer is guaranteed that no payment is made from their account. The three earning revenues are the mark-up income, non mark-up income and other income Appendix IV. Using Musharaka cum Ijara model to finance your car, steer yourself towards peace of mind and fulfillment of your desire.

No other bank offers such services to the customers. People send their money to other persons and organizations through various ways i. The main factor to discuss is the promotion.

Dubai Islamic Bank Report

The cheques are then sorted according to the bank on which they are drawn. Every customer has its own ledger account and has separate ledger cards. If a customer loses his cheque book, then the customer will have to come to the bank and firstly report the loss and then stop the payment, by telling the series of cheques he has lost.

Analysis of balance sheet shows increase or decrease in each item as a percentage of asset, means that assets are chosen as key figure. Small and medium sized companies are its main customers.

As DIBPL is offering products and services to individual customers, so they need to communicate their products and services with people through print and electronic media. Fundamentals of Financial Management. It was observed in the bank that the degree of satisfaction of employees was quite low.

Related jobs should be assigned to the employees so that they can work more efficiently. Customers keep their savings in PLS saving accounts and businessmen save their money in bank current accounts.

They do not feel any attachment to the organization. Competitors are taking full advantage of it. The Banks rapidly expanding local network befittingly complements the extensive experience it has acquired in managing correspondent relationships across the globe.

Our customers can lease a locker for the safekeeping of their valuables for complete peace of mind. This product is available for new as well as those who already have a business finance facility from another bank and wish to bank the Islamic Way.

Secondly, the employees are given targets that are too difficult to achieve. The function of clearing house is performed by the central bank of the country by tradition or by law.

You are provided the facility of maintaining a single concentration account. The increase in liabilities and increase in loan shows that company wants to have more cash in hand rather than lending it to others and losing the return on investment.

The bank has strong earning assets like advances, investments, and lending to financial institutions has major percentage of assets of the bank. DIBPL gives loans to the borrowers for different purposes. Besides regular banking services, the Bank is committed to bringing foreign investment to the country.

Recommendations Based on my observation regarding the operations and policies of DIBPL, I have tried to give recommendations for further improvement. Payment Product The product facilitates clients in managing their outflow of funds. As a part of my internship I had to fill these forms by customers and then use the appropriate bank stamps to complete these forms.

Role of branch compliance department is to reconcile the prescribed frequencies, investigate long pending reconciliation item, and ensure correct treatment every half year and clearing system service branch-in major cities.Dubai Islamic Bank offers following products.

1- Current Account: Dubai Islamic Current Account is a non-remunerative checking account designed for account holders who need to transact frequently. It specifically appeals to businessmen and salaried individuals who need to make frequent payments and deposits in their account.

Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Financials Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Internship report on Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan limited.5/5(4).

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Dubai Islamic Bank (DFM: DIB), the first Islamic bank in the world and the largest Islamic bank in the UAE, today announced its results for the year ended December 31, Full Year Results.

It is a broadly described annual report of Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited in the year of During the financial year, The Bank’s Total assets. citi bank stardard charted bank abn amro bank hong kong shanghi banking corporation (hsbc) dubai islamic bank nib bank prohibited in the.

Islamic banking. in addition to the conventional good governance and risk management rules.3 Foreign Banks Due to the policies by Pakistani Government.5/5(1).

Dubai islamic bank report
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