Energy crisis in pakistan causes and consequences essay help

In order to cover every region, government has to initiate long distance transmission networks so increased financial burdens on power distribution companies and transmission losses due to haphazard distribution system are adding to our power woes. Both in large industrial units and domestic sector people manage to get electricity by unlawful means with the help of meter readers.

For example, funding for research into inertial confinement fusion technology increased during the s.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan & Its Causes

According to estimates in fiscal yearsuse of Air conditioners were increased massively and an additional MW was required to run domestic appliances. Unless we give it a serious thought, things are not going to change anytime sooner.

The oil prices are soaring higher and higher and no stability is seen in near future. Impacts of this national disaster are summarized in fallowing paragraphs. Otherwise economic conditions and other problems arising from power shortage would eventually result in major threat to our existence.

Under the non renewable resources we do have Petroleum products, fossil fuels, Coal, Natural gas as in Pakistan the contribution of various sources of power are as follows; Gas: An early response from stakeholders is the call for reports, investigations and commissions into the price of fuels.

However we consider as the last of our concern. It is economical and much efficient source of power, but unfortunatelycurrent hydel power projects are not sufficient to meet the ever rising demand. Renewable energy sources can reduce our dependance on fossil fuels and also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Both short term and long term solutions discussed in this paper can be utilised to address the energy problem.

Energy crisis

Energy crisis in Pakistan is outcome of multidimensional reasons. Sources of Energy in Pakistan: Major share of electricity in Pakistan is given by thermal and hydel sectors. At the world level, most of countries are dependent on non-renewable resources for their energy demands.

Problem of circular debt can be solved with economic efforts and by effective nationalization of tariff books can be cleaned.

Governments and concerned individuals are working to make the use of renewable resources a priority, and to lessen the irresponsible use of natural supplies through increased conservation.

Other sources include nuclear and renewable sources like solar and tidal energy with little contribution. Again the theft of electricity from the consumers adding the misery of common citizen who wants to pay the bills honestly.

Huge burden of circular debt, subsidizing of power sector by government and hikes in oil prices home resulted in increased inflation rates since last few years in it was 7. We should also try to save energy.

Possible Solutions of the Energy Crisis Many of the possible solutions are already in place today, but they have not been widely adopted.

Robust economic growth in this era resulted in power shortage and a shortfall of Mw. The shortfall in the power sector can rise to around 7,MW or 32pc of total demand for electricity.

Sources of energy can be broadly classified into two categories i. It is therefore predicted that the UK may have regular blackouts like South Africa. PPIB has issued letter of intent to many private sector sponsors.

When energy markets fail, an energy shortage develops.Energy Crisis In Pakistan Environmental Sciences Essay.

Cause Of Energy Crisis In Pakistan

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Causes of Energy Crisis: Pakistan's energy crisis traces its roots to following distinct. We can help with your essay Find out more. Energy crisis in Pakistan complete essay words. In present era of industrialization and technological advancement energy sector has complete essay energy crisis in pakistan energy crisis in pakistan energy crisis in pakistan and its solution energy crisis in pakistan causes and consequences energy crisis in pakistan energy crisis.

A essay on Energy Crisis in Pakistan Causes and Consequences must helps one to understand this major issue of Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country. Now a. Nov 20,  · AOA, A couple of days back, I was required to make a presentation on Energy Crisis in Pakistan and its consequences.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan Essay with Outline

Though it was in form of powerpoint presentation, yet I initially made an essay of Though it was in form of powerpoint presentation, yet I initially made an essay of it and sharing that essay part for help/information.

Expert Analysis January Pakistan’s energy crisis: causes, consequences and possible remedies Executive summary By Safiya Aftab The energy crisis is the largest single drain on Pakistan’s economy.

Causes of Energy Crisis in Pakistan: The major causes and the reason which have contributing in to the power shortfall is the mainly due to the increasing populations, because as simple as that the population is increasing day by day in the state which is definitely increasing the demand of energy and that is increasing the demand to supply gap.

Energy crisis in pakistan causes and consequences essay help
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