Gene therapy the danger of enhancement essay

Because the cells now know how to manufacture the missing enzyme or protein, they can pass that information down to the duplicates they produce. And when this enhanced child is given birth to and grows old enough to make informed decisions for himself, he will have no power to reject the enhancement because it is now a biological part of him, even though the decision was most likely made because the parents and healthcare workers deemed that the enhancement is beneficial.

Granted, it is a pessimistic future for this type of technology, but, if current trends continue in the same direction, this could be a serious threat facing society.

However, I have argued that we may need genetic engineering to solve future problems that man might face and we have no other choice but to choose IGM.

Of course, as risky as germline gene therapy might sound, a physician may consider other non-IGM alternatives for treatment first. At what point should we stop? That is not freedom. Recently, Schwarzenegger mice have been bred — laboratory animals whose bodies have expanded rapidly after the injection of a gene that causes muscles to grow.

Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos. Levels of MGF fall as we age, which is one reason why muscle mass is lost as we grow older.

This is all because humans now wield a power that we have never held before: When IGM is used for enhancement, however, critics of enhancement might respond in three ways. In conclusion, I have shown why IGM should be pursued and not leave human development to UGM because of its limitations to secure human well-being.

And even if genetic intervention of human embryos for clinical applications are prohibited, it would still be morally permissible to edit the genes of human embryos in vitro for research purposes so as to establish disease models for drug testing or other interventions for disease Cyranoski and Reardon, In doing so, such research would add on to our knowledge of genetic engineering and increase the amount of empirical evidence to make ethically sound decisions with regard to IGM in future.

So, the cure is usually permanent. The National Human Genome Research Institute has confirmed that genetic enhancement is entirely possible: Thome, Johannes, et al.

In such a case, similar to the families who suffer from LFS, it is then morally obligatory to enhance ourselves because there are no other better alternatives than a genetic quick-fix.

If the enhancement does indeed benefit the child, then for the same reasons that IGM for therapy has, the enhancement is acceptable. However, if the child experiences the enhancement as a burden, and yet he has no capability to remove or reject it in the first place, IGM for enhancement becomes unwarranted or unnecessary.

Second, defenders of anti-enhancement such as Michael Sandel might appeal to human nature for a ban on enhancement.

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The UN, for example, has banned the production of weaponized bio-weapons such as an engineered disease. With the notion of genetic enhancements, some envision a paradisiacal utopia.Gene Therapy: the Danger of Enhancement Essay - Gene Therapy: the Danger of Enhancement I.

Introduction Gene therapy has the potential to revolutionize modern medicine. The techniques of gene therapy are still in their infancy as medical treatments and there are still many problems which must be solved before gene therapy will live.

Genetic Enhancement. In general, genetic enhancement refers to the transfer of genetic material intended to modify nonpathological human traits. May 01,  · Also, of the various kinds of harms that human enhancement could bring, Buchanan identifies biological harms originating from intentional genetic modifications (IGM) as the most dangerous, and contrasts IGM with UGM – unintentional germline modifications that occur through evolution without deliberate human intervention.

"Enhancement" refers to any alteration that improves the normal bodily organization, function, health, and appearance. For example, taking steroids, undergoing plastic surgery to improve one's looks, or altering one's genes to improve the physical abilities of future children are all examples of enhancement.

3 Responses to “Gene Therapy: The Danger of Playing God” Tanner Hoyal on January 18th, pm Thank you so much for writing this essay! To see why this is so, consider four examples already on the horizon: muscle enhancement, memory enhancement, growth-hormone treatment, and reproductive technologies that enable parents to choose the sex and some genetic traits of .

Gene therapy the danger of enhancement essay
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