History of jeni legon

Jeni LeGon: Living in a Great Big Way

Living in a Great Big Way, named for one of her famous numbers with Bill Robinson, is narrated by Fayard Nicholas, who reveres LeGon as a star performer and a gifted teacher who could "do it all.

She was so slender, however, that there were no costumes to fit her, so she wore pants and was assigned to mug flirtatiously in front of the chorus. While there, they received an offer to travel to Hollywood and perform with composer Shelton Brooks. Arrangement The collection is arranged into four series.

With the reward money for the recovery of the jewels, Jim becomes the new owner of the nightclub, which clears the way for his marriage to Nita.

Jeni LeGon

Slim becomes the new club manager, while Sally becomes the new entertainer. They were given the opportunity to go to Detroit and work with nightclub owner. During this time, she was given a role in Hooray for Love, which led MGM to offer her a long-term contract, making LeGon the first African-American woman to receive such an opportunity.

Born in and raised near the south side of Chicago, her musical talents were developed on the street in neighborhood bands and musical groups. She later auditioned and was selected for the chorus line of band leader Count Basie.

Dude overhears and shoots Howard through the window and Tommy is blamed. Sally, however, likes the penniless, Slim. She graduated from Sexton Elementary School in Later she formed a song and dance team with half sister Willa Mae Lane and performed in Detroit with nightclub owner Leonard Reed.

The fracas is broken up by Lanny, a policeman.

Little Known Black History Fact: Jeni LeGon

It was a rainbow of beautiful girls. LeGon began her career at the age of thirteen with a job in musical theater.

She wore pants rather than skirts when she performed, and as a result, she developed an athletic, acrobatic style, employing mule kicks and flying splits, more like the male dancers of the time. They were too few and far between. Each one of us was a distinct-looking kid. She won the part and subsequently appeared in dance numbers in several musicals.Jeni LeGon was born Jennie Bell in Chicago, Illinois to Hector Ligon and Harriet Bell Ligon on August 14, She graduated from Sexton Elementary School in LeGon began her career at the age of thirteen with a job in musical theater.

Dancer, actress, and dance instructor Jeni LeGon was born Jennie Ligon on August 14,in Chicago, Illinois. Later, in London, she learned that she was descended from General Henry Beauchamp Lygon, the 4th Earl of Beauchamp, through her father, Hector Ligon, a "Geechie" from the Georgia Sea Islands.

Nov 22,  · "Ali Baba Goes to Town" Dr. Jeni LeGon Performs her last dance at the Masters of Lindy Hop and Tap - Duration: joelschwarz 5, views. Jeni Legon Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jeni LeGon auditioned at the age of thirteen for the Count Basie Chorus Line.

Rather than dance in dresses as most chorus girls did, LeGon always wore pants, allowing her to demonstrate her considerable talents as a tap dancer.

Jeni LeGon, one of the first African American women to establish a solo career in tap dance, is one of the tap dance pioneers in America. Tap dance originated in the mid ’s from Scottish and Irish laborers brought to the New World. Aug 14,  · Jeni LeGon: Living in a Great Big Way Today is the birthday of Jeni LeGon (), one of the first African American women to make a solo career in tap dance.

She was already a professional by her teenage years, dancing in a chorus line for Count Basie that toured the Balaban and Katz Circuit, then working with the Whitman .

History of jeni legon
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