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I think, therefore, I am. Attempted to describe the physiology that could produce the mental and behavioral phenomena the associationists were History systems of psychology notes. Thus there are two major aspects of psychology: God is the source of all truth and knowledge.

Sanguine - excess of air. The Republic were his own. How does the mind affect what people do? Galileo Galilei Reliance on observation, notion of primary and secondary qualities physical and psychological properties of an object.

A river or stream are metaphors by which it is most naturally described. British Associationism Laws of resemblance similaritycontiguity, cause-and-effect repeated experience with causal sequences.

Ideas are not innate Natural state is a "blank slate. Necessary for life, occupies all three states - solid, liquid, gas All things have water. Our world is one of the intermediate phases.

Cure through diet, exercise, administration of hellebore General approach also used by enlightened psychiatrists of 18th, 19th centuries. Early writings were Socratic, later e. Denial of free will.

Francis Bacon - Spokesman for the new objective way of doing science. The school of thought founded by Max Wertheimer that claimed we perceive and think about wholes rather than simply about combinations of separate elements.

Thought and behavior emerges from innate structures vs. Fundamental principle or entity in universe is of one kind vs.

Sir Karl Popperb. Inbooks placed on Index of banned books by the Roman Catholic Church. Schools of Thought 1 Structuralism Wilhelm Wundt - set up the first psychological laboratory in Rationalism influenced Plato, retarded the growth of empirical science. A proposition is offered and others are invited to inspect it and improve upon it.

Applied numbers to the description of physical events Invented analytic geometry.

Mind and body are inseperable. The Golden Mean was the ideal. McVeigh - Elizabeth Loftus was asked to testify at the Oklahoma City bombing trial about eye-witness testimony and the problems associated with it. Hedonic human nature John Locke - Senses are the origins of all thinking, thought is non-material in nature mind-body dualism.

Are our memories truth or fiction? Anarchistic theory of knowledge: Thales began the critical tradition of Western thought: Emphasis on awareness of mental structure or activity vs.

Will and understanding are the two basic functions of the mind. The world of opinion or illusion is the imperfect, varying, concrete world of our senses. Will directs action and exercises free choice. BUT, introspection relies on subjective or self-report data which is a week methodological form of data collection.

The physis was assumed to be something natural that obeyed natural laws.history and systems of psychology exam 1 - karl popper Recent Class Questions the smallest quantity of output at which long-run average cost is at a.

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History & Systems of Psychology (Psyc ) Summer C To learn about the history of theories, systems, and individuals in Psychology well enough to explain this history to others. Important Notes: Assigned readings are to be completed prior to the start of class, it is very important to be prepared for participation which will be.

History systems of psychology notes
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