How to write an in depth news story

Where did you grow up? Options We have three choices at this point for writing the rest of the story. When you do your phone interview, ask about the implications for the person in the street in order to get tape that will be comprehensible to those listeners who are not poultry scientists.

Do you have any other special training that has prepared you for your career? Try to only have a maximum of two to three main characters. An inspiring quote to give you some motivation. How long have they been preparing? This style is best suited for stations with a 5-minute news hole at the top of the hour and 3: The Inverted Pyramid This refers to the style of journalism which places the most important facts at the beginning and works "down" from there.

How are they going to enter the competition? Look carefully at how the author causes the character to develop and how they tie that into the plot. And once you begin the official interview, start with the easy questions first to get them talking about themselves.

Make sure the person is OK with being written about in a story that may potentially be published. Do profiles for your characters so you know what their personalities are like.

Contact source again to supply missing info. You must choose a clear and simple sequence for telling the facts and giving relevant opinions. Choosing a Topic for Your Story Pick something newsworthy to many people, not just to you.

Where is the team normally based? They plotted it travelling south-west across the Pacific towards the Solomon Islands.

The rewritten phrase is shorter and simpler to understand. Make note of how the characters develop: Who are the prominent players? If you find any errors, correct them - then read it through again.

Stories need to have enough detail to allow the talker to make cogent arguments and hold intelligent conversations with listeners.

The In-Depth Style

Never supply or suggest an answer. Do you have a deep-in-you-core belief that you have a story only you can tell? Good profiles get into the heart of the person and find out what makes them tick.

Three men drowned when their car was blown off the road into a river. Because a profile cannot be complete without quotes - there is no way to write a profile without extensive interviewing. Mopping-up operations have now started in Honiara. The Art and Craft of Memoir Writing, on how to do that.

Write out a timeline for each of your characters which shows how they start out in the story and how you want them to be at the end. There are many ways in which you could show visitors around your village or town, some of which would be logical and some illogical.

Be patient and wait for it. This is the end of Part 1 of this two-part section on writing the news story. Does she have knitting on a corner of her desk? The problem is that lives are hard to fit into newspaper articles, no matter how much space is allotted for them.

Who has helped them during their personal or professional career? Stories without tape should run seconds Have you chosen the key points?Complete in-depth and extended coverage on news and events from mi-centre.comsimple-keepittight Don’tmakethemistakeofthinkingthatbyusingjargon,formallanguage,complicatedsentencesandgoingintogreat.

How do you write a news story? News writing follows a basic formula. While styles can diverge more dramatically depending on the kind of story – a feature story may look and sound very different than a hard news story – all news stories are cut from the same mold.

The first element of news writing is, of course, to deliver the news. I can tell that you have answered the call to write from the depth of your being. And I know you will persist in writing just as you have persisted in life.

Joy and peace to you.

Seven Tips for Writing the Deep Core Story Only You Can Tell

Here we finish the job of writing the news story, which we began in Chapter 4: Writing the intro in simple consider ranking key points, structuring them in a logical way, and the importance of checking the story before handing it in.

In-depth analyses on the other hand tend to go further back in history and a step ahead in the future. Take the following story as an example: This story does not depend on a news peg, as it has been common knowledge for years that Macedonians take.

How to write an in depth news story
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