Indirect costs

An abbreviation for Request for Information. The reputation of a company is a reflection of its public image and must be considered as an important factor influencing its success. Cost of completing paperwork generated by the accident. Engineer see Professional Engineer 1. The rate may not exceed the federally approved rate as certified by the Comptroller.

U15 Statement on the Indirect Costs of Research

Because these supports cannot be directly attributed to any individual project, they are Indirect costs referred to as indirect costs. Verbal Quotation A written document used by the contractor to receive a subcontract or material cost proposal over the telephone prior to the subcontractor or supplier sending their written proposal via mail or facsimile.

Project Manager Project Management A qualified individual or firm authorized by the owner to be responsible for coordinating time, equipment, money, tasks and people for all or specified portions of a specific project. Lump Sum Agreement See Stipulated Sum Agreement Lump Sum Bid A single entry amount to cover all labor, equipment, materials, services, and overhead and profit for completing the construction of a variety of unspecified items of work without the benefit of a cost breakdown.

Reduced morale among your employees, and perhaps lower efficiency. Contract Over-run under-run The difference between the original contract price and the final completed cost including all adjustments by approved change order. Building Permit A written document issued by the appropriate governmental authority permitting construction to begin on a specific project in accordance with drawings and specifications approved by the governmental authority.

Structural Systems frames The load bearing assembly of beams and columns on a foundation. The length of an activity, excluding holidays and other non-working days.

Critical Path Method C. Items classified as personal property rather than real property 3. Statement A copy or summary of any account covering a stated period.

Consultant One hired by the owner or client to give professional advise. It guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, employment, transportation, State and local government services, and telecommunications.

An addendum is generally issued by the owner to the contractor during the bidding process and as such, addenda are intended to become part of the contract documents when the construction contract is executed.

Another important point is that, unlike direct costs, indirect costs are uninsuredChild Abuse a review 27th edition of the Child Maltreatment Report What Is Child Abuse and Neglect?

Author(s): Child Welfare Information Gateway Year Published: February 1, “In MayThe U15 Executive Heads agreed to the following statement on the indirect costs of research.” ***** Research-intensive universities are an integral part of.

Introduction & general rule. The "uniform capitalization rules" or UNICAP rules were essentially a codification of the result of case of Commissioner Power Co., U.S. 1 () The UNICAP rules require a taxpayer to capitalize all direct and indirect costs that they incur in the production of real or tangible personal property that are allocable to that property.

Indirect Medical Education web page for Acute Inpatient PPS.


Direct and Indirect Costs of Accidents Direct Costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Direct, or insured costs for accidents are usually considered those costs covered by workers compensation insurance and other minor medical costs for the accident. Employees who incur approved overnight lodging expenses may be reimbursed.

Employees must stay at a commercial lodging establishment catering to short-term travelers, such as a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, public campground, etc.

Indirect costs
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