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Let us know if you need any revisions and we will do it for you. Its businesses and brands are focused almost entirely on the Indian markets, and despite Itc e choupal analysis most well-known for its tobacco brands such as Gold Flake, the business is now diversifying into new FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands in a number of market sectors Opportunities Core brands such as Aashirvaad, Mint-o, Bingo!

For example, ITC used its experience of transporting and distributing tobacco products to remote and distant parts of India to the advantage of its FMCG products.

You can be sure that your payment details are safe with us and will never be disposed to any third parties. We will wait for your next order. Email us your resume on careers managementparadise. Take a look at eChoupal here http: Its beginnings were humble.

View all posts by Tim Friesner Posted on. Also, it allowed transparency with the farmers being Itc e choupal analysis to physically see the numbers on the screen, this new initiative assisted in establishing the trustworthiness.

Let our team take care of your papers while you res Download the paper 4 Receive your paper All the works are checked thoroughly before delivery, and you can be sure that the writer did his best to meet all the requirements. The products in the new supply chain have been greatly improved through new efficient best practices not only making it profitable but high quality.

And Sun Feast and others can be developed using strategies of market development, product development and marketing penetration.

ITC Sustainability Case Studies

Evolving into a platform for community development, e-Choupal was both the eradication of poverty and rural isolation scratch, even during the ITC to continue to enjoy the benefits of functional procurement and distribution of value chains.

HKUPDF-ENG Established as against the surroundings of under-served, over exploited rural India, this case highlights the use of technology by the Indian conglomerate ITC transformed the lives of many rural Indians at the exact same time that it was helping the company. In particular, a survey by the Institute for Rural Management shows that incomes from farming have risen by about 10 percent in alone in the locales served by e-Choupal.

Then ITC will need to decide whether being a diversified conglomerate is the most competitive strategic formation for a secure future. This not only alleviated concerns ITC e-Choupal agricultural supply chain, but also achieves a greater good economic uplift and strengthen the Indian farmers.

Examples of its successful new FMCG products include: Nehru Road Kolkata, for the sum of RsITC was able to identify and spawn their initiative through a tradition, which all-rural farmers were already dependent of, a choupal. We will write a custom essay sample on E-Choupal or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER That being said, ITC seems to possess a strong sense of strategic competiveness, which allowed them to identify that the soybean portion Itc e choupal analysis their model, which was two-thirds of their agricultural exports, was their key to success.

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It is also an ambitious project that has a goal of reaching 10 million farmers invillages. Constantly plagued by an inefficient supply chain in rural agriculture, ITC implemented the e-Choupal initiative in They also had weather reports, global crop standards, and an ffective means of communication to share and learn best practices.

They were now able to analyze market prices and global demand, which would ultimately facilitate their timing to harvest and sell their crops. It was done by word of mouth and the farmers lacked the basic concept of pricing models.

The farmers could now be armed with knowledge regarding the costs associated with traveling in order to compare their revenue from their cost of travel. They even have liaised with other companies, including fast-moving consumer goods companies and finance companies to provide products and services to rural Indians, who had previously commanded huge premiums or simply were not available supply.

Under the initiative, ITC set up little Internet kiosks in villages that enabled farmers access to a transparent and efficient option to the conventional mandi for marketing their produce.

But it will not completely alienate the mandi, ITC inwas still procuring about 50 percent from the farmers would go directly to sell to ITC. Published by Tim Friesner Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals.

Also, they had no access to weather reports, which made their planting of crops a crapshoot. The CAS would then take the crops to the ITC processing facility where it would be sold at market value and not what was paid to the farmers.

It resolves the fair exchange problems caused by distortion of information and distance to markets: The trips for the farmers were the same distance as the mandis, but were well worth it due to the improved facilities. Although e-Choupal was conceived as a response to their supply suffering ITC ITC was quick to realize that they discovered the delicate balance between economic efficiency and the achievement of corporate objectives, a social contribution.

The laws of economics dictate that if competitors see that there is a solid profit to be made in an emerging consumer society that ultimately new products and services will be made available.

Farmers lacked critical resources and knowledge, which resulted in poor qualities and practices. Once the order is paid, we send you an official confirmation email and you can just relax! In doing so, e-Choupal mitigated the agrarian supply chain concerns of ITC but also reached a greater good- authorization and the economic uplift of the Indian farmer.

It is interesting that a business that is now so involved in branding continues to use its original name, despite the negative connection of tobacco with poor health and premature death.

Pest Analysis On E-Choupal

Buy Now Set against the backdrop of the underserved, overexploited rural India, this case highlights how the use of technology by the Indian conglomerate ITC, the lives of many rural Indians at the same time transformed it for the benefit of society.

It would also allow knowledge sharing between themselves and the farmers and higher quality products would lead to more competitive pricing in the international market.E-Choupal is a novel initiative of ITC Limited (ITC), an Indian conglomerate, to improve its marketing channel in agriculture.

It has its roots in Project Symphony –a pilot project launched in to organise ITC’s agri business. 78 Volume III September SIBM 79 Volume III September SIBM ITC’s e-Choupal: A case study on Rural Marketing Initiative Management Case Prof. Rajesh Panda.

The e-Choupal Initiative Case Solution

Although e-Choupal was considered as ITC’s response to their supply chain woes, ITC was quick to recognize that they had an opportunity upon the fragile balance between making a social contribution and reaching corporate profitability. e choupal covers rural marketing efforts and anaylses product/ service, distribution, stakeholders and promotion.

This doc also has supply chain, cost benefit analysis, economic, social. e-Choupal is a community of practice that links rural Indian farmers using the Internet. This is an original and well thought of initiative that could be used in other sectors in many other parts of the world.

ITC e-Choupal Weakness of e-choupalAlthough e-choupal helps eliminate the middleman and therefore allows farmers to get a better price for what t.

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Itc e choupal analysis
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