Mt435 unit 6 assignment

At the distribution center the bulk shipment of anchors is broken up into smaller batches and shipped to individual retail locations.

Albatross anchor has grown exponentially and now employs people. As a senior level student you are responsible for independent research and for veracity of source. The hook design is best when used in Mt435 unit 6 assignment.

Plant antiquation and safety issues result in small batch production only. Operations Management] Page 5 of 8?

The owners of this small business have added on various processes as needs arose; within the limited space of the plant. Albatross Anchors sales their products in two ways: International orders are shipped by rail and ultimately by large ocean-going freighters.

As each anchor requires its own manufacturing challenges the manufacturing line must be completely changed over each time the anchor type is changed. This hook design snags bedrock and seaweed which holds the marine craft at anchor. The manufacturing area of the plant has had to change to accommodate the manufacture of the two separate types of anchors.

Prior to expansion into the international marketplace shipping had been limited to the shipping department and receiving was limited to the receiving area.

A minimum of four academic resources, in addition to the textbook, is required for each section of the proposal. Prior to the sale of anchors into the international market all shipments of finished product went out completely by truck and therefore all shipping activities were limited to the east side of the building.

The plant space is at a premium and warehousing space for raw materials and finished product is limited and located at the far south end of the building. In order to win the contract for this consulting job a well written, logical, and highly organized proposal must be written.

The plant is antiquated, worn, dirty, and technology-deprived and it no longer meets all U. Each anchor is produced in multiple sizes to accommodate the type of watercraft, the size of the watercraft and the place where the anchor will be used saltwater or freshwater.

Albatross Anchor charges the same per unit as their competitors. As a result of this limitation, lead time for exceptionally large bulk orders is 3 to 4 weeks.

A minimum of four academic quality research sources in addition to the textbook. These are the only two methods of product shipment. Citations, within the body of the paper, identifying source materials, and in APA format are required along with corresponding reference page listings.

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Work demonstrates synthesis of concepts, research, and experience. APA style reference page. The snag hook anchor is fabricated through the bending and welding of iron rods and flat iron into a hook design. The distributor accepts bulk delivery of anchors at their large distribution centers.

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MT Case Study 3.View Homework Help - MT Unit six Written Assignment from MT MT at Kaplan University. Unit 6 Written Assignment Colleen P. Egan MT Operations Management Kaplan University January Unit six Written Assignment Your name MT Operations Management Kaplan University Date Introduction Albatross Anchor has been in family owned business that has been in business since They are manufacturer of.

Read this essay on Mt Unit 6 Assignment. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you. Unit 2 [MTOperations Management] Page 1 of 4. Assignment Details and Rubric. Unit 2: Quality Management and Lean Systems Paper. /5.

View Homework Help - Light,Heather MT Unit 6 assignment from MT MT at Kaplan University. Heather Light MT, Unit 6 Assignment December 20, The success of a business is dependent upon.

Unit 8 Mt Written Assignment Words | 8 Pages Rosiland Hester MT Unit eight Kaplan University January 31, Introduction Albatross Anchors is a small family owned business that began in

Mt435 unit 6 assignment
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