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For daily commuters the international border is just another traffic jam, albeit one that has grown in recent decades Photo essay mexico the US has tightened security.

Not all trains that pass carry undocumented migrants. Lucha libre wrestlers fight in the ring as fictional characters Good vs. Along the way, they risk kidnapping, injury, rape, extortion and murder. Advertisement Friday, May 20, at 5: A Patrona stores leftovers in a refrigerator.

The city has two long pedestrian-only streets, with hotels and cafes and locals wandering up and down selling traditional sweaters and colourful scarves. Evil and use masks to remain anonymous to the fans.

When something wrong is happening we deal with it. An initiative begun by Norma Romero twenty years ago, they are now a group of 15 who prepare large portions of rice, beans, bread, and water to toss to the US-bound migrants.

Carlos Bueno, one of the local shop workers explains: Photo Photo essay mexico Max Herman — Artist and activist Alvaro Enciso, middle, leads a small group into the desert northwest of Tucson in February to place handmade crosses where migrants lost their lives and to leave water for migrants making their way north and west.

The forests are mostly pine and oak, though much of the surrounding hills have been deforested for firewood. The use of the masks in Lucha libre is related to the Aztec civilization and culture. Photo by Max Herman — One of the crosses made by Alvaro Enciso left for a deceased migrant along Route in Arizona is seen uprooted and destroyed on February 9, A female Lucha libre wrestler trains with her male sparring partner at a combat sports gym in Mexico City, Mexico.

Female Lucha libre wrestler run up and down the stairs at a combat sports gym in Mexico City, Mexico. In the winter, without warm garments, they freeze to death. Photo by Max Herman — Under the midday sun, Maria Ochoa with the humanitarian aid organization Tucson Samaritans, searches for signs of recent migrant trails near the U.

The vast majority of female Lucha libre fighters in Mexico are amateur part-time wrestlers or housewives. She, her daughter and other 13 women founded the group known as Las Patronas in It started easy enough with wide stone steps leading up to broad terraces, but as you climb the stairs get narrower and narrower and the ascent gets steeper and steeper.I just returned from a sponsored trip to La Paz, Mexico, and today I’m chillin to some latin jazz, sipping coffee (my cure for jet-lag), and going through all the photos.

There are hundreds! With so many wonderful stories to tell about the delicious food, the friendly locals, and dolphin encounters in the Sea of Read More».

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It's a grim optic journey through America’s inner soul. This is not a comfort photo book. Confronting Mexico's Latest. Photographer Anthony Suau documents the surging influence of the drug cartels in Northern Mexico and the efforts by police to maintain law and order.

Female Lucha libre wrestling, popular combat sport and performance in Mexico, attracts girls and women to become a star worshipped by the Mexican society. Photo essay from Mexico.

Apr 23,  · Guadalajara, Mexico’s second city, offers a unique blend of the cosmopolitan and traditional. Its historical center provides a hefty culture fix, while the suburb of Tlaquepaque offers all the.

A photographic tour through Mexico's southernmost state. Video; Places; Topics; travelstoke.

This photo essay will put Chiapas, Mexico at the top of your bucket list

en. en es Galleries This photo essay will put Chiapas, Mexico at the top of your bucket list This photo essay will put Chiapas, Mexico at the top of your bucket list.

Field & Forest. and if you try taking a photo in the church you might find.

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