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The company can estimate the budget through two methods, the bottom - up approach and the top - down approach. Describe the existing organisation structure List the disadvantages of this structure, Recommend the project organisation structure that should be used by the company, Give you reasons for recommending this structure based on, the data given in the case and your knowledge on the FIVE organizational structures.

DRP helps an organisation in establishing certain inventory control parameters such as safety stock.

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Listing of benefits of financial module Description of features of financial module ANS: What are the benefits and features of ERP financial module? A bag contains two red balls, three blue balls and five green balls. Explain common sound file formats? Focused on implementing personnel management, benefits administration, and payroll administration functions.

Explain in detail the primary data types of C language. The implementation of this system was divided into four phases. Find the probability that a the three balls are of different colours b two balls are of the same colour c all the three are of the same colour.

Explain half adders and full adders with circuit diagrams. Write a program to generate Fibonacci series using recursion.

Explain the importance of cache computer memory. The old system of the organisation was not able to provide accurate information related to employees.


Now that the management has decided to expand the business and opened up branches abroad, the company is facing two more problems. Listing of benefits of purchase module: Write short note on: Monte Carlo simulation is a problem-solving technique that is used to represent the probability of certain outcomes by running a number of trial runs called simulations and using random variables.

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However, the company is still working as a traditional set up. The high quality and durability of products have increased the demand of the products in the market.

Discuss the FOUR ISO standards that should be considered by the project manager during project execution, List any four advantages of project management software 8, 2 Answer: A few years back, the organisation faced a number of issues in managing its human resource functions.smu mba summer assignments, smu solved assignments, smu mba assignments, smu bba assignments.

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smu summer assignment smu mba summer smu mba summer assignment smu bba summer smu bba assignmnet summer smu fall assignement latest smu summer. SMU MBA SEM 4 MIS SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS MI ENTERPRISES RESOURCE PLANNING 1. Define Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Briefly explain the major benefits of an ERP system.

Define ERP Explain any 8 major benefits of an ERP system 2. Write short notes on the following: a. Decision Support System (DSS). SMU MBA SEM 4 COMMON PAPERS OF SPRING ASSIGNMENTS. MB STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS POLICY.

1. Briefly discuss concept of strategy? Explain the various levels of strategy in an organization. SMU MBA SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS; SMU SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS; Search This Blog.


Smu mba sem 4 om summer
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