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The entire section is 6, words. In respect of the major characters especially, he describes their behavior, religion, and political positions as well as their loves, animosities, quarrels, and intrigues. After the fall of the house of Jia, in the version of Gao E and Cheng Weiyuan, she marries the son of a wealthy rural family introduced by Granny Liu and goes on to lead a happy, uneventful life in the countryside.

Bao-yu, the stone, watered Dai-yu, Crimson Pearl Flower, with dew so that she was able to assume the form of a girl.

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The Stone, along with a companion in Cheng-Gao versions they are merged into the same characteris Story of the stone essay given a chance to learn from the human existence, and enters the mortal realm. He has a wife, Lady Wang, and two concubines: Baoyu and Keqing enter into a blissful sexual union.

He was known for his amorous exploits with both men and women. He is a Confucian scholar who tries to be an upright and decent person. The smallest frame displays the story of the apprenticeship of the hero of the novel, the handsome and personable youth Jia Baoyu, in his progress from childhood to maturity as he seeks to learn the meaning of his existence as a human being in the hongzhen red dustor life of this earth.

The reader also learns about marital arrangements and sexual attitudes and practices, education, the political process and officialdom, and other social and culturalconventions of the time.

Not particularly well educated, he once killed a man over a servant-girl Xiangling and had the manslaughter case hushed up with money. Although very pretty and well-read, she does not compare in intelligence and wit to Story of the stone essay of her cousins.

Inthree researchers using data analysis of writing styles announced that "Applying our method to the Cheng—Gao version of Dream of the Red Chamber has led to convincing if not irrefutable evidence that the first 80 chapters and the last 40 chapters of the book were written by two different authors.

The most prominent commentator is Zhiyanzhaiwho revealed much of the interior structuring of the work and the original manuscript ending, now lost. Extremely outspoken, she is almost as capable as Wang Xifeng. The dimension of the novel that presents the story of the rise and fall of the fortunes of a great Chinese family provides the reader with a remarkable social document.

Since Bao-yu is the next in line after the death of his father, this makes him doubly important to the Jias and their future. She is supremely loyal to her mistress, but more soft-hearted and sweet-tempered.

At the same time, he presents four hundred or more minor characters. On the other hand, Xifeng can be cruel enough to kill. From the Daoist-Buddhist point of view, romantic attachment can harm and even prevent progress toward personal enlightenment and redemption.

Forthwith he rejects the world and becomes a monk. This dream, however, is soon followed by a realistic scene; despite the warning implied in the dream, that evening Baoyu seduces Pervading Fragrance Xirenshowing that the memory of his ecstasy with Keqing has quite replaced his fear of demons and beasts or those passions that drive humans into disillusionment.

Therefore, each time Dai-yu cries in the novel, it is symbolic of her repaying Bao-yu for his gift of life. Precious Jade The main protagonist is about 12 or 13 years old when introduced in the novel.

Her bedroom is bedecked with priceless artifacts belonging to extremely sensual women, both historical and mythological. In his dream, he sees the image of Qin Keqing, the young wife of Jia Yong. This apprenticeship particularly involves his struggle to achieve understanding and personal liberation from the suffering caused by the claims of his romantic attachment to his cousin, the lovely but neurotic and tubercular Black Jade Lin Daiyuto whom he is affianced, and the claims of familial responsibility.

Cao was sufficiently concerned about his choice for the title of his novel that he chose five or six alternate titles before he finally decided that he preferred Hongloumeng.

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The novel describes her as beautiful and intelligent, but also reserved and following the rules of decorum. Some universal cataclysm has occurred, leaving the ceiling of Heaven damaged and in need of repair.

She is sickly, but beautiful in a way that is unconventional. Jia Yingchun simplified Chinese: This story is not unrelated to the decline and increasing incompetence of the Qing Dynastythe last rampart of ancient Chinese civilization.

They have another cousin, Bao-chai, who is constantly causing grief for Dai-yu.The Story of the Stone, or The Dream of the Red Chamber; Volume 1: The Golden Days Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and.

Dream of the Red Chamber, also called The Story of the Stone, composed by Cao Xueqin, is one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. It was written sometime in. Free Essay: Cao Xueqin’s Story of the Stone is a classic in Chinese literature, showcasing the life and exploits of the wealthy Jia clan during the feudal.

We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of Bao-yu’s dream in Cao Xueqin’s ‘Story of the Stone’ specifically for you for only $ $/page Order now. Essays and criticism on Chao Zhan's Cao Xueqin - Critical Essays. David Hawkes, however, chose to return to the original title Shitou ji, which he has rendered as The Story of the Stone.

Essay on An Analysis of Symbolism and Irony in Three Short Stories - The usage of symbolism and irony to communicate theme is an imperative tool in short stories.

These eloquent writing techniques clarify and embellish the reader’s interpretations while also keeping the story .

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